Portable & Modular


RoBoxx starts out as a recycled shipping container. It transforms into an amazing structure.

An 8x20 box folds out to 400 square feet of functional space.

It's not magic...It's smart design.


RoBoxx was born from experience in live event production. Like a military operation RoBoxx is efficiently deployed and highly functional. RoBoxx is a Three in One (3n1) design which means that before it is fully deployed the structure is one third it's completed size for transport and when set into place it folds out to the size of three containers. The deployed RoBoxx provides a complete 20ft x 22ft open space (385 sq. ft. interior) which is much more functional than a typical 8ft wide container housing.


Drag and click around to tour a RoBoxx BaseBoxx.

A BaseBoxx provides the bones - the functional design and craftsmanship. It is a blank slate ready for you to apply colors, textures, furnishings and all the stuff to make it a home.

 Quick Specifications

  • No lumber construction for incredible durability

        -Minimum R10 thermal

        -Structural strength and corrosion reisistance of aluminum framing.

        -Any steel is encased in a lifetime polyurea coating

  • Meets extreme environment requirements 
  •  Fully integrated including, lighting, power distribution
  •  No foundation or slab required
  •  Designed to fit together easily
  •  Deploys in one hour
  •  Split HVAC Heat pump
  •  12 110V Electrical outlets
  •  ADA Compliant Entrance

amazing design

RoBoxx Beginnings

RoBoxx has been designed in Solid-works CAD software with multiple finite element analysis simulations on critical structures and parts.

space you can use

Not-so-tiny home or office

In 2018 we will finalize our second prototype. CasaBoxx / OfficeBoxx provides a complete 20ft x 22ft open space (385 sq. ft. interior) which is much more functional than a typical 8ft wide container home.


JonBoxx Prototype

JonBoxxes were deployed at select events through 2017 with amazing success. While we prototyped several RoBoxxes, we only commercially deployed two functional JonBoxx units early on. These prototype JonBoxxes are the most complicated of all the Expandable container iterations.

get involved

What can you do with 385 sq ft?

We are working on expanding our website for manufactures and people who wish to manufacture their ideas for this market.


Structures are more valuable if they are not permanently tied to the land. A portable structure that does not compromise on stability can change residences and industries.


96% of a BaseBoxx is either recycled or recyclable. Since a RoBoxx is not a permanent part of its land, it can be 100% recycled, relocated and remain completely intact.


RoBoxx is dropped to the ground with just 6" (150mm) rise. A ramp made of one sheet of plywood can provide ADA accessibility. With wounded veterans and an aging population this matters.

Expandable Container Gallery

We started out with JonBoxx - maybe the most complicated Boxx. It was an incredible success everywhere we deployed.

We then decided it was time to create great products from this extraordinary concept.


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